What are people saying about the "My Green Kentucky Home" project?

Thanks so much for taking time out to give me the grand tour of the home yesterday. As I told you then, you've done a stellar job and really impressed me with the entire home!  To be completely honest, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since leaving yesterday! I am incredibly intrigued by the project and the direction you are taking to fill the need of sustainable housing in Louisville.” – Carrie F.


“Sy, I vouched to never allow my parents to go through the build of a new home again until I took your tour.  If everyone built homes and buildings like you, I wouldn’t have a job fixing their work!  You will be hearing from my folks shortly.” – Doug F.


“When you invited me to the open house, I told my husband I didn’t want to go but had to for you, because I dread going to clients new homes to take measurements because my allergies go crazy from that new home smell and after 10 min I have to make an excuse to grab something from my car just to get outside and gasp for air!  I had absolutely no problems in your home!!!  Keep it up you are doing something right!”  Jennifer Y.  

“I went to see Sy's house yesterday and was blown away by how SPECTACULAR it is. The reclaimed wood floor was beautiful.  The temperature in the house was a soothing 70 degrees.  There's no new house odors because everything is eco friendly.  There's no noise either because the heating and cooling unit just purrs.  He's done an AMAZING JOB building this house.  I can't wait for him to building mine.   I fell in love with this house.  Added advantage, it will cost about a 3rd of a regular house on utilities and up keep.” – Rowena A.


“HI Sy, it was such fun and inspiration to meet you and see your science turned to art.  Amazing.  I was almost giddy with the potential for your work.  I would like to get some realtors out there and a potential client or two...” – Linda S.


“Thanks for taking time out for the tour last week, Sy!  You’ve put together some great ideas and exemplary trade work!” – Brian M.


“Awesome that you have extended tours.  Once you see this home, you will wonder why every home is not built with the materials and systems in place, here.  A MUST see! “ – Candi R.


“I’m 78 years old and had three homes built for me in my lifetime.  I swore after each experience that I would never build again because the quality and workmanship isn’t there.  I wish I met you a long time ago.” – Morris B.


“I had the privilege of touring My Green Kentucky Home and it is beautiful, efficient and amazing!!! Please go check it out, if you have the chance, it is well worth your time and "ENERGY," :) to see it!” – Sheila F.